Bespoke Suiting

Bespoke & Ready-to-Wear garments from Mark Austin are crafted around the central principles of true a couture fit. 


Shoulders & yoke: The yoke or shoulder should end right at both sides of the shoulder bone, not overlapping pass the shoulder.

Jacket sleeve: The sleeve of the jacket should stop right at the break of the wrist to allow a little bit of shirt cuff to show.


Jacket vents:  The single vent was originally designed for horseback. The single vent has no stylish form when not in a saddle. The ventless or no vent jacket offers a trim line when standing, yet does not function well.  If the wearer puts his hand in his pocket or sits down,  the no vent back bunches almost always leaving a crease. The side vent is by far the best and most functional vent to the wearer. If a man does not like the side vent look the vents can easily be converted in to a no vent look by sewing the side vent down. The side vents allow the back flap to move minimizing creasing and bunching and creates a better silhouette. The side vent suit is the most expensive suit make.

Break of trousers: The cuff or trouser turn up and length should cover just a bit of the top of the shoe yet long enough to remain in contact with the shoe when walking. The trouser crease should intersect the middle of the knee down to the middle of the shoe.

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Bespoke Suiting


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